Thursday, 9 August 2012

Welcome To My Journey

The Long Road Ahead....

I think everyone has that age that makes them feel like it is time to grow up…. you know that scary age. For some it could be turning forty or for others when you leave your teenage years. For me, this age is fast approaching and I feel that it is time I got my act together and take control of my life (mind, health & body).

Unlike many of the people I admire on the world wide web (The Wellness Warrior, Gabrielle Burnstein, etc), I have not had a life changing moment where I feel like my world, like my mind should drastically change.  BUT I never wanted to reach rock bottom to have to CHANGE my life and I feel like there are a lot of people in the world similar to me.

For me, my upcoming birthday feels like New Years, but on a bigger scale! Celebrations yes, but more the resolutions that come with it and these resolutions are ones that I want to last a lifetime. 

But where do I start?

I have so many goals; to get rid of  man of the toxic chemicals that currently drench my life, eat whole organic foods, exercise (and enjoy it) and become one with myself- sounds funny but I think if we can understand ourselves, let go and trust the universe, you can do anything.

My posts are that of someone who is trying to change their life for the better, towards a more pure life. Better food, a happy mind and healthy body. I am no expert or guru and will most probably make some mistakes along the way, but I am someone who is on a journey of learning and I want to share that with others who are also on that journey or contemplating whether or not to begin their own (DO IT!)

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