Monday, 13 August 2012

My Mission

So you may wonder . . . . what do I want to change? Well, I think many people strive for the same but these are my goals:
  1. Buy Organic Food; if this is not possible buy from local farmers markets

  2. Create wonderful and healthy meals/ snacks :) I love cooking and have started rooking and raking a lot more (Raw Cooking and Baking)

  3. Find different activities that allow me get active and love it

  4. Maintain a small Organic garden

  5. Cut out as many chemical laden products as I can and find alternatives. (Make-up, skin/body care, cleaning products, etc)

  6. Listen to my ~ing (inner guidance) and let that guide me

  7. Learn and practice meditation

  8. To forgive what has happened in the past, move on & project LOVE in the future

  9. Continue to BE GRATEFUL

  10. Spread the word.

I think for many people (at least me anyway) when making a commitment to change anything in your life, the thought can be overwhelming. I know that in the PAST I have hidden my goals because I was worried of what others would think of me if I did not achieve them.

BUT NOW- I think anyone who is trying to make a change is AWESOME…. Setting a goal is the first and most crucial step that many do not take!

“I won’t let me soul slide away, I’ll do whatever it takes because this time’s only borrowed,
I got one life, one life, one life and I’m gonna live it.”
One Life ~ James Morrison

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